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'''Richard Doddridge Blackmore''' (7 June 1825 – 20 January 1900), known as '''R. D. Blackmore''', was one of the most famous English novelists of the second half of the nineteenth century. He won acclaim for vivid descriptions and personification of the countryside, sharing with Thomas Hardy a Western England background and a strong sense of regional setting in his works.Michael Millgate, ''Thomas Hardy: A Biography'' (New York: Random House, 1982), 179, 249. Blackmore, often referred to as the "Last Victorian", was a pioneer of the movement in fiction that continued with Robert Louis Stevenson and others. He has been described as "proud, shy, reticent, strong-willed, sweet-tempered, and self-centred." Apart from his novel ''Lorna Doone'', which has enjoyed continuing popularity, his work has gone out of print.
Birth date7 June 1825
Birth placeLongworth, Berkshire (now Oxfordshire), England
Death date{{death date and age|df=yes|1900|1|20|1825|6|7}}
Death placeTeddington, Middlesex, England
Occupationnovelist, horticulturist
Genre| movement = Romanticism|Romantic
Notableworks''Lorna Doone''
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